Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Having fun in the sun

Sunday may have been an Autumn day of cold in the air but it was a good sunny day. One best spent outdoors having fun. So after the usual lazy Sunday morning breakfast and mucking about at home myself and the Chicken and the Monkey ventured of to lawson markets. I had been thinking of going to Ironfest but funds were limited and there was the want to go to Lawson and get seedlings from the mountain seed swapper stall.
Not only did I pick up some seedlings of kale, spinach and parsley to get ahead of the seeds about to go in the ground. I also picked up some plums for us to eat while we wandered about but Jazynthe got herself a pizza making kit in time for her pizza party this Friday. EEEESSSSSHHHH my girl is turning 6. Jaedyn got himself a toy train. He was on a mission from the time we got there to find a train.
after we ventured across to the little park nearby for fun.

The kids always love playing about there. Jazynthe especially takes the oportunity to turn it into a stage. See those metal looking circles around the edge of the wooden platform. You step on them and they play a musical note.

There should be more play areas like this one out there. Expecially would be a great thing in the infants areas of schools I think.

I promise to take photos of my seedlings in the ground tomorrow. The backyard is sure getting a complete work over. I pruned back the overgrown passionfruit vine very drastically to remove a fence and a number of other things and the yard looks so different already. Lots more to do. I want it to be fully functioning vegie, fruit supply destination with my chooks running about and to be able to start entertaining in it come summer.

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