Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cluck cluck anyone home?

That's what I think my little red hen Penny Lee was saying this morning when I spied her nosing about at the back door.

Our back porch is a little high about a couple inches above my knee and the girls regularly jump up and walk about. However I have never spied them at the door.

So Jazynthe decided to feed them some wholemeal bread scraps through the unfixed hole in the screen door.
Friendly lot they are.

Although I still am yet to be able to go pick one up yet. I'll leave that to the chicken whisperer Jazynthe.


mountainwildlife said...

Cheeky things aren't they! BG does the same here- clucks around the back door like "are the kids coming out to play?" !!
I'm sure she would come in if we let her.

Xena said...

Yes cheeky indeed. Jaedyn was trying to coax on inside later in the day. Jazynthe has picked them up and brought them inside on a couple of occassions for a pat.