Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was a little different than usual and very different from the one I thought we would have been having up until a few months ago.
For the first time in a few years we had no one either around nor did we go anywhere. I enjoyed that of not having to bight my tongue and smile and eat what I wanted to eat plus for the first time in a number of years DRINK and be merry. After all I was the cook so really I could do what I wanted.
The night before Jazynthe had decided that Santa needed some of my yummy homemade Rocky Road, a santa shaped chocolate and his whiskey without a glass. Plus a carrot for the reindeer.

he also needs a special key to get in the house

The day started of later than what I had expected. Jazynthe woke me at about twenty past seven but because no one else was awake she crawled into bed with me and was very quiet. Till I decided that it was time to get up and everyone else needed to as well. Which included waking Jaedyn.
It was then that Jazynthe discovered Santa had left footprints everywhere and had written her a letter.

Lots of paper was torn and thrown around as excited children opened their gifts and were more and more pleased as they went.
Jazynthe was rather impressed with her Buzz/Woody costume as well as her Toy Story bike and Paper Jamz guitar.

She was also very happy to finally get a real sewing machine. Has requested I teach her to sew.

Jaedyn was very very happy with his Thomas the Tank engine presents.

He pretty much has played with it non-stop since.

Then there was the food for the day. First up I did a twist on the bacon and egg breakfast. I cut up rashers of bacon and put them into vol-e-vonts cases and then cracked an egg in each. If only I could work out how to have fully cooked the egg before burning the cases.

I then put out snacks to keep the hungry satisfied till the rather late lunch was ready.

i got to set the table how I pleased.....although I did not go all out as I would love to one day.

The lunch was a hit. with using potatos I had recently harvested and spinach freshly harvested minutes before washing cutting for cooking. I followed a couple of the recipes Curtis Stone did for the Coles recipe ideas for Christmas. Including this potato gratin...

and the Dill carrots....

I also did Turkey legs in sage and thyme butter and a small pork leg roll.

Then later for dessert I did steamed pudding which I got from Women's Weekly Christmas recipe book I bought a few years ago. Along with some of my homemade ice-cream.

By the end of it all I was well and truely stuffed with food and from exhaustion of doing it all myself. Plus I was easily pickled with alcoholic beverages.


Bec Clarke said...

Merry Christmas Xena, it looks like a wonderful day was had by all.
I really must get my hands on one of those cookbooks.

Xena said...

bec I only picked up the Coles one as it had Curtis on the fron...who can go past without taking a look at Curtis.