Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Bon Jovi - The Circle Tour Concert

Well I think it is obvious I love Bon Jovi. This time they came to Australia I got to go to a concert.....wish I could have gone to more than one but hey money is tight and the tickets were not cheap.
Anyway I went to their very last concert here in australia which also happened to be their very last concert for the year. Which probably made them play an even better concert than they usually do. I may be biased but also hope I am not to biased with the fact I used to go to a LOT of gigs and concerts of bands back BK (before kids). These guys are true professionals who put on a great show no matter what....even if it is raining like it was on Sunday 19th December.

Unfortunately I arrived late due to impossible traffic and impossible parking. Sadly I missed 8 songs, note to self never drive right to a concert at Sydney Football Stadium ever again.
sitting in traffic over the noise of the traffic I got hear glimpses of songs like "Bad Name" "We were'nt born to follow" and "Believe"What I did get to see was absolutely fantastic. The rain was comming down lightly and I did not care nor did they. I had to strain my neck to see as being as short as I am has it's disadvantages when it comes to concerts.

As I was walking as fast as I could in my stilleto heals I could hear the end of "Blaze of glory" and the full songs of "It's my Life" and "No Apologies" I arrived at my seat just as "We got it going on" started to play. Oh boy do they ever have it going on. Jon certainly knows how to have the crowd especially all the ladies eating out of his palm hanging of every word and shake of that bum.
The rest of the set had some real highlights like up until "Halelujah" the rian was spasmodic and came down in light patches, as soon as this song started the heavens just opened up and litterally poured down. Making it even more beautiful. I think this song is a wonderful song and how Jon sings it is breath taking. After finishing the song Jon said "the rain is all the Australian angels crying because they did not get a seat to this concert" he then said "I don't mind the rain as it's just like singing in the shower....with thousands of your friends" of course all the ladies in the crowd went wild over this. Me I don't mind it raining at concerts either as I love dancing in the rain.

Photo cutorsey of Ef
he continued to shimmy and shake out in the rain for "What do you got" then invited the rest of the band to join him in the rain whilst they played "Squeeze Box".

Photo curtosey of Ef
The next highlight was "Happy Now" this song is even better live.

Then three songs in a row were just amazing "Dry County" which had tears well up in my eyes as this song was played and sung with such conviction and this song always reminds me of our poor farmers here in Australia. "wanted dead or alive" is always special live as to be standing in amongst what ever capacity SFS is that are all sing along is amazing so imagine what it must be like to stand on stage to hear it...I have been right up the front in the past and it is an amazing and breath taking atmosphere enytime this song is played. then was "Living on a Prayer" which Jazynthe loves to sing so I took a video on my phone for her.

The band then gave their bow but of course came back and played 2 more songs of whic I can't remember now such a blur and the crowd demanded more so one more song was played. At this point Richie and Jon stood there looking humbled by the good five minutes of crowd cheering.

Then Light Out

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