Thursday, 14 October 2010

A thrifty Thursday

where do you go when you feel like shoping but only have a limited budget...why the St.Vinnies of course.
Today I stoped by my semi local StVinnies today for a browse and hope of finding some bargains and I did.

If someone could tell me what this is actually called I'd be gratefull. I know it's for fine *mashing*.
A shirt for Jaedyn
Shorts for Jaedyn
A skirt for me
And a bag for me..matches the skirt i think.

I got all this for $9


mountainwildlife said...

Bargains! I love vinnies- was it the Lawson one? I think it is this Saturday they are closing up forever, very sad. I really think they had the best vinnies in the mountains, great staff and always just the thing you need. Such a pity they are not getting in the new shops.

Xena said...

No Springwood. I always seem to miss out on good stuff at Lawson.

Kirsty said...

It is called a Mouli.

HayleyK said...

Happy Blogtoberfest! I am on a mission to comment and follow all the blogs in Blogtoberfest! Maybe you could comment and follow me as well! Cheers!