Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Plain to very funky

Back at close to around beginning of term two of the school year I in a state of misguided stupidity donated all my daughters size 9 shoes to charity. Well the ones that were not so badly scuffed and falling to bits. I had no clue what with being new to the whole school child thing that school shoes are sized differently to everyday shoes. She had out grown her size nine school shoes and was pretty much outgrown her slippers. So in my want to clean out her wardrobe as it to was full of clothes that were no longer suitable for a little girl to waer without either baring her midriff or her nickers.
It was not till later when I bought her size 10 nice shoes for going out I realised she was not really size 10 but still a size nine. Lucky for me I was able to find size 9 shoes in thrift stores. All except that nice pair of shoes that nice outfits need.

I could not afford to buy another pair of nice shoes so made do with her looking a bit daggy till I could with her wearing joggers.Then I found a pair of shoes tha with a little sparkle would be awesome pretty shoes. They were marked down to $9.

With a bit of glitter and pretty ribbon we have funky pretty shoes.

Plus one happy girl who realises these are shoes no one else will have.

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