Saturday, 23 October 2010

New Shorts and pants

Last night I started on some new shorts and pants for Jaedyn. he was in much need of some that fit and were good for warmer weather.
I got stuck in and did all the overlocking after the kids went of to bed.

Then this morning  completed one pare of crocodile pants for him to wear today. He was rather impressed with them especially once he realised they were for him.
Then this afternoon I finished of the other pants that are made from some fabric I bought of an online friend. I think these ones are rather funky.

Then to finish of with 3 pairs of shorts.

the spotty and vehicle ones will have a matching button up shirt made out of the same fabric so they can be worn as a set or as seperates.
I have two upcycled shirts to finsih of and will blog about them once they are completed.

1 comment:

Bec Clarke said...

Oh the Megatropoolis looks great on those shorts.