Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mother's Day today.

Today is mothers day here in Australia. I was woken to hubby at work, a screaming toddler who was not happy about being in his cot and a yucky nappy. Plus my beaming girl with loot for me.

She had made me a card at school, plus painted a portrait of me. I'm apparently yelling at her in the portrait........hmmmmmm. probably telling her to leave her brother alone for the 50th time that day. She also drew me a couple of drawings. One of which she had awarded herself a sticker on.

Jaedyn had a hand in a card that was made for me at his day care.

After morning of getting ready to go out and had breakfast. I took the kids up to Blackheath Growers Market for a spot of shopping of local produce. Shall not go by myself with the kids again. Not as enjoyable with no one else to watch out for them.

some of the Autumn leaves up in Blackheath

I got for myself some nice local wine, marinated goats cheese, dolomades, local bacon and sausages.

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mountainwildlife said...

Hey we went there too, must have missed you. I managed to get myself some gorgeous handmade choccies and herbal teas for Mothers day ... mmmmmm...