Monday, 10 May 2010

Caught in the act!

Tonight whilst I was out in the studio I was hearing a right royal racket. I popped my head out the door and my dog was sitting there at the door looking like I interupted her sleep. so went back to sewing away. The noise started up again.
Thought I better go investigate what all the commotion was.
Fetched a torch and went down the yard. Could not see a thing but heard the familar growling of a possum. Hmmm best check that the chooks are all fine. yep they were safely locked up in their house. I checked their feed in the old cubby, yep that too was fine all sealed up. Discovered a huge dent in the fence. Hmmm nothappy about that. first blamed the dog. But then again i would have heard her barking not just a bunch of loud banging that I at first thought it was possums on the shed roof.
I went inside and rang hubby at work to see if the dent was there earlier today in case he had forgotten to tell me about it.
whilst on the phone the banging started up again. So I hung up on him and ran out in the dark and waited till I got real close before turning on the torch. I discovered this huge Brush Tail possum on our bird feeder.

S/He is bigger than our adult male cat. So this is the culprit of all our late night noise in the yard and the reason why the bird feeder is empty each day!


Nicole said...

mmm very hard to get rid of once they find a place they like

ecoMILF said...

Haha. He certainly has a guilty look on his face! xo m.