Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bathroom Renovation

Since we moved into this rental property there have been a number of issues that have needed great attention. Thebathroom being one of them. This house had a major mould issue and by major I mean it was everywhere.
It got so bad that it actually destroyed our bed and a few other pieces of furniture.
The landlord put in fans under the floor to help draw moisture out from under the house. This has stopped anymore building up in the home.
However the damage had already been done to a number of areas especially the bathroom.
So currently we are living with no bathroom till Thursday but already I'm super happy with the progress.
Before starting it was awful and probably a health hazard. Not good when you have a toddler who is asthmatic.

Above you can see how bad it was. You can also in some of the photos see how the paint was peeling and cracking without the mould problem. A couple of areas was back to the gyprock.
in order to remove what damage had been done the painter had to use some pretty full on cleaner, he was wearing a mask and advised us to be out of the home while he used it. He had tried to use the usual sugar soap but just like me discovered that was a futile thing to even try.
Now look how it looked just after one days work of cleaning and filling.

I will post up more pics. as it progresses. Today he has been re-grouting, sanding and about to prime it all ready for painting and to get rid of that awful green also.

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