Thursday, 12 November 2009

EB DQS3 Finished!

The quilt was finally finished on Monday and was sent of in such a hurry that I forgot to take photos before it left my abode. So I have pinched a photo from Anna over at Sew Busy! Mumma Sew!
I am more than pleased with the end result although I did have a little different image in my head but in the time frame I had along with so much else going on modified just a tad.
During the creation of this little quilt my machine decided it was going to give up and not go any further till I sent it of to be serviced. Three weeks I was without my trusty machine. A long time when you rely on it for work also.

I ended up calling it "Autumn Breeze".
My best effort yet I think.
I hand embroidered all the leaves onto the fabric. They are tiny things many would fit on top of a five cent piece. Did hand embroidery for the ground top. With the area below the fallen leaves I sused the walking foot to quilt. I did a pattern of slight bumps all the way accross with turning back in random spots so it was not all going in the one direction so as to make it look more like the ground. Then above the fallen leaves I quilted across using the ground line as an initial guide. Each quilted line was slightly wider apart than the previous pair of lines so to ad depth.


Kylie said...

That is gorgeous. What a great job.

becanne said...

Glad you got your machine back - what bad timing!
I like the way you ended up quilting it, and the green binding really lifts it.
She is a lucky girl to get that for her wall.

Cascade Lily said...

Great job Xena :)