Sunday, 25 October 2009

Jaedyn's first official Swimming Lesson

Last Tuesday I took Jaedyn to the pool for his first official swimming lesson.

Very proud of him as he did not need any flotation device. Yes, I'm against them anyway. Having been a swimming instructor for a number of years I see them as a false sense of security. The child does not actually learn how to hold themselves up in the water and also ones that are taught with them tend to panic when they don't have them anymore and often regress. Plus many parents get complacent about them too.
Given that it was at the time he usually gos down for his nap he was very good in the lesson right till the end when he was over it all.

His started rather late in comparrison to Jazynthe. I had her in the water from 3 months and was in weekly right till the beginning of this year. She now knows enough to swim to the side of the pool and get herself out. Can swim about 15m so until she is more interested I'm leaving it at that as there is no point forcing it to be more than that.

Jaedyn has been late to start as his always getting sick and I'm not prepared to put a child in who has been sick recently or is as they are not up to it really.

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