Friday, 30 October 2009

Chooks and budding fruit

Look at the size of our girls now. Such great girls they are too. The lighter of the two above is Henny she once was the tiniest of them all. Now she is up there with the size of the blackies and she is our best layer too. Great little hen is Henny. It's very funny watching them all now Lucy is still top chook the blackie to the right is her, Kissy the other black one still thinks she is next in line but the reality is Henny who once was bottom of the pecking order is next in line. Then it's Kissy followed by my little girl Penny-Lee. We now get 28 eggs a week some weeks it's been 27.

Then take a look at our Passionfruit and the peach tree. Both are budding actual fruit now. Yummo can't wait for loads of passsionfruit and peach inspired summer desserts. What with our eggs and passionfruit especially lots of Pav's in the future I think.

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mountainwildlife said...

Chooks are looking great, obviously happy and doing well.
Go the fruit trees!