Friday, 18 September 2009

Week 2 and 3 in one.There is always a critic!

Rather late for my check in of week 2 on the chocolate challenge check in. Plus I'm away next week so will do a partial week 3.
Well week two was a bit on the frustrating side. Why is it when people hear of others doing their bit for humanity or the environment there always has to be a critic. These critics usually have no clue what they are talking about and have only read propergander articles or gone of hear say. These last two weeks I have been questioned on the following " Yeah but if you have enough money you can buy the "Fair Trade" logo, so how do you know it's really "Fair trade"? You know that the paper and foil the chocolate is wrapped in is not "Free Trade"! Well for a friggin start it's "Fair Trade" I've told you that several times! Secondly the chocolate I eat is wrapped in 100% recycled paper and the plastic is environmentally friendly!
Another has been "You still on that chocoalte thing of yours?" short answer is "YES I AM" Followed by the follow up "Oh how much longer you going on that then" UM I'm never eating non-Fair Trade chocolate again. "Oh that's a bit much isn't it?" No if I just went back to eating slave driven chocolate and environmentally distroying chocolate it would be like deciding to buy a fuel effecient or even electric car but still drive a fuel guzzler like a huge 4 wheel drive so I can drive my kids around the suburbs like all the other Mum's ( a four wheel drive is ment for country dirt road driving not on your city and suburban streets).
Just over the crap i get about it all and it's all mostly from the one person.
Postively though I am being very good with it.... even been searching for how I can get my hands on a cooking chocoalte version, even if I have to buy on line. Just means chocolate cakes will be pure indulgence cakes for now on. I just love the taste of the Cocolo dark chocoalte block not so much the milk one. I gues after eating the dark chocoalte it seems a little on the blande side.


mountainwildlife said...

Yes, there will always be critics about most things in life, but you can choose to let it bother you or choose to ignore it and carry on making those changes that you know are the right things for you to do. I've lost more than one friend over the past couple of years as my lifestyle and ideals have changed, but I see it as evolving and learning. Some friends will be interested and others just won't.

Keep it up.


Desi said...

:) thanks for stopping by. And I am wondering if I am losing my mind because I could have swore the address said new zealand :S eh it has been a crazy week......:)