Friday, 31 July 2009

New Family members!

Yesturday marked the first day on our road to caring for chickens in hope of good supply of eggs.
In the morning came the enclosure thanks to Mountain Arks of Warrimoo. Francis did a wonderful job on building the house and runner. Took a bit of dismantling of fencing and moving huge things to get it into the backyard. It now resides in what was a recent somewhat weed ridden and bare area of the garden. Last year there were nasturtions and a few other little things growing in the spot.

All set up it looks fantastic.

After that was all done and lunch had been had I took the kids down to Sun Valley Produce to buy all the supplies to set up the house to make it comfortable for our future arrivals.
Jazynthe was bugging me about getting the chooks straight away. The original idea was to get them today. I thought might as well go back down to Sun Valley to buy them as there was still a good amount of afternoon sun still left.
We came back with two Rhode Island Reds and two Austral corps.

This morning when the ramp was let down for them to come out of their nesting house only one ventured down for a little bit then she returned back inside.
Came home from playgroup and three are down scratching about and eating little bugs etc.

We have named the little beauties Penny-Lee, Henny, Kissy and Lucy.

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mountainwildlife said...

How exciting! I'm sure you will all love your new 'family', fun names too. My ark is looking a little old by comparison, but luckily they age well and still look good (just like us really- LOL !)