Monday, 4 May 2009

What a wonderful quilt I have!

Today I was sitting at my machine busy sewing pants for JazyJae's stock, I spied the parcel delivery van slowing down to my home. My sewing spot looks out the front window down on the street in prime position to see all that is happening around my home out the front. I hope out loud he is delivering to me the quilt for me as part of the DQS6.....well for Jazynthe really but still addressed to me.
When he pulled into my driveway I got all excited and hoped even more it was the quilt. I quickly finished the seam I was doing and jumped up to retreave the parcel. When I picked it up I realised yes it is a quilt. My next wish was that it was on of the two I added as my favs. on flickr. I tore open the package open the zip lock bag. YES YES YES it was......squeeling and jumping and dancing could probably be heard all the way in Canada from which this lovely quilt came from.

As I type this Jazynthe arrived home from her swim and loves it to. Will have to take pics of it on her wall once it is hung up.
Barb also sent along a few extra goodies.She must have known I love a good cup of tea.

A big fat thankyou to Barb it's a fantastic quilt I love it.It's always great to have a swap partner who does her research and does exactly what you had in mind for the one for you.

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Barbie said...

Xena, I'm so happy that you received your quilt so quickly! When I mailed it, the post office said it could take 6 weeks to get to Australia! Enjoy....I can't wait to see it on your daughter's wall. I had so much fun making it for you.