Sunday, 31 May 2009

Turning 40 and a new hair cut!

Yesturday was Brian's 40th. We went out to dinner with family and a few friends to celebrate. Unfortunately not any real photos were taken. I only got a couple of shots of the cake I made and that was it.
We went to Hog's Breath at Parramatta. Good food and company is all that was needed and that's what we got from the night.
I made him a cake in the shape of a record player. I was a bit on the worried side going into making it as I have never made a shaped cake before plus with the new oven still figuring out it's inadeqacies and how to avoid food burning. It turned out OK in the end.

I also got to finally go to the hair dresser after 10 months of neglect. This time I left it at the whim of the hairdresser with only two requests don't cut too short and don't go black. After nearly three hours in the chair and at the basin I walked out with a real nice funky hair style. Goodbye drab boring hair with at least three inches of blonde re-growth showing and hello Sassy looking Mum.

This photo is a bit on the crappy side and does not show it very well.

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