Thursday, 16 April 2009

A late Easter Post rundown!

Well easter came and went in a flash.
Once again my excited plan ahead Baking failed. I tried to make Easter Buns however due to the distractions of a sick little boy I was too late to get them from the oven, so they were on the burnt side of cooked. Sorry no pics the dog ate some,Brian ate a couple(he would eat almost anything).
I also made a sorry attempt at making my own chocolates this year. Stupidly without researching how. I just presumed you melt a bit of cooking chocolate add a bit of cream pour into moulds and all would be fine. Oh how wrong was I.The chocolates would not come out and the ones that did tasted yuck. That's what you get for not researching and doing it all on a minimalist budget. Oh well I will practice for next year.
So at 9pm on Easter Saturday I was up at the supermarket searching for Easter buns and chocolates. Not a bun in sight....yes not one. The vulchars had landed and cleared the store of the majority of their bakery items. The shelves were as bare as Old Mother Hubbards'. I swear it was like walking into a store too late after a disaster had happened and the world had all shopped at the one store. It seemed like many of the ailses had been just cleared out. I managed to find something to give Jazynthe,my parents and my neice and nephew.
I rushed up there again early on Sunday to get some Easter Buns.As it was my job to bring the afternoon tea to my parents. Then came back and baked some Easter themed cupcakes.My little neice is severly alergic to eggs so can't eat Easter buns. So I baked her some of the cupcakes she loves and added tiny Easter eggs on top to give the Easter theme.

The kids and I went to my parents for the afternoon.Jazynthe had not eaten any chocolate till we got there.She had just carried her bucket of eggs around with her all day.Once she steped in the door she straight away ate one egg we gave her then the egg her Aunt gave her then went to eat what Nannie had given her.She hardly ever gets treats like that if she does it's usually the size of a small Freddo frog.So imagine a toddler who already is a bundle of energy on that much chocolate.It lasted till 9pm.

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