Friday, 10 April 2009

Family Picnic

Yesturday we had a late lunch. I decided to bake a Lasagna so we could have a nice hot lumch for a change.

Whilst I was cooking it Brian and Jazynthe were working and playing in the backyard with Jaedyn out on a picnic blanket.
It was such a lovely warm Autumn day that I decided we also should eat outside too. The tables were set up otherwise we would have had a salivating dog in our faces trying to eat of our plates.

What a great idea it was. So lovely and relaxing out in the afternoon sun eating a yummy lunch. If only we had enough salad vegetables to make a side of salad. Maybe next time.

Jazynthe thought it was great to be able to eat outside.

Will be doing this more often I think. Just need a proper outdoor setting instead of the camping table and dragging the chairs out from the dining room.

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