Saturday, 25 April 2009

DQS6 Completed

I have finally finished the quilt I have made for the DQS6 swap.Decided to name it Mountain Dreaming. Although I didn't think of the name till after the label was on. In fact I totaly forgot to name it till the quilt was completed. So in the card going with it will give my swap partner the name in it.

very proud of my effort on this one.I highly dought I could replicate it. Some parts were worked out as I sewed them together. Went of a basic drawing that was done up in a few minutes.

the photos I took for it were inside ones as I just could not wait to hope we had good weather here for good photos.

Hopefully will get to take some before I send it of. Thinking of sending pics of it of to DUQ's as they have a section for showing of your quilts. One is for Spring quilts. This quilt was inspired by the busg close to home in Spring.

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