Friday, 13 March 2009

Strawberry Yumminess!

Today I baked a recipe I found in a book that was found in a secondhand book store. The book is from 1965 called "Entertaining at Home". A great book that makes me giggle and salivate at the same time.
Through out are little sections telling the 1965 housewife how to do all sorts of dinner parties and entertaining guests through food. It has every detail a wife of that time thought was appropiate even for afternoon teas. The details go through the invites,the decore,the menu planning and how to prepare it even tells you how to run the party.

I found a recipe for Strawberry Layered Gateau. I ran out of strawberries for the decorating as when my back was turned Jazynthe took of with the punnet of strawberries.So made do with chocalate flakes for around the sides.

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Cascade Lily said...

NICE!!!!!!!!! I think the choc flakes are a nice touch!