Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Another Frou Frou purchase!

I'm a real sucker for things vintage! Especially those that I bring home from Frou Frou. Frou Frou is a cute little vintage store in Springwood.
It is a store that specializes in all things vintage. So far I have bought a number of buttons,fabric (lots of it),embroidered napkins (some of which got sent of with the 2nd outfit from the EB Kids clothing swap),tablecloths,3 dresses,a few tops a couple of skirts,brouches,jewelery.

This time i came home with Bone china in the form of plates,saucers and a tea cup and saucer set.

Of course I settled down tonight with a cup of tea and chocolate.


Becky said...

I love vintage! I am collecting Johnson Australia crockery at the moment :) I wish I had a store like Frou Frou close by.

xenabonjovi said...

I am surrounded by them although the majority either know too much and have high prices or they are being a bit over the top with pricing. Even some of our charity stores price some things as though they are Christie's Auction House.