Monday, 1 December 2008

Jazynthe's Christmas Dress!

I realised last week that Jazynthe needed her Christmas dress to be ready today really. She has a concert she is in for Day care/pre-school tomorrow night. Being the crafty mum I am could not bear the thought of just sending her up onto stage without an appropiate dress or outfit. She does have a red dress but that just does not cut the mustard for me to be christmassy.
So out of some cherry fabric I found at Spotlight, an old Christmas napkin that does not do the job of a napkin and some red homespun I sewed up this delightful frock.

Using the same pattern I used for her apple dress just not adding the contrast panel at the bottom. This time instead of going through the stress I did with the gathering on the apple dress I used my overlocker thanks to a tut I found on the net in another blog:
so quick and simple a monkey could do it.

Now onto her dress for Jaedyn's naming day and my skirt. Looking through my wardrobe all the clothes I have for day wear are looking rather worn or are just not appropiate attire for a naming day. I realised it's been nearly two years since I last bought myself anything nice that was not a t-shirt or tracksuit pants.

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Corrie said...

gorgeous! keira's daycare has the same thing and I can see little ones in boring red and green outfits but I'm doing a tiered skirt, red tee with an appliqued or maybe yo yo xmas tree on it!

well done!