Friday, 5 December 2008

Birthday Fat Quarters

All year I have been participating in a birthday fat quarter swao with my EB quilting buddies. At last it's my turn to recieve squishy mail.
Some very lovely fabrics ladies very lovely indeed.
This is what I have recieved so far

From Helen:Betty Boop,Island Kylie:retro flowers,AJ:Cute kids prints 1/2m instead of fat quarter,Leah:pale blue with snowflake print,Kylie:flowers on green,Emma: blue and cjocolate with butterfly print,Natalie: bugs in a jar print on red,Lilly:cream with a lovely maron print,Cass:cream with green flowers and paisley print and Mands:peach paisley print.My fav. is AJ's when I opened it I gushed and thought woohoo right up my ally for the clothes I like to make.Closely followed by the butterfly print might keep that aside for special me things.

A few also sent extras.Island Kylie:some bugs prints,AJ:yellow buttons,Cass:a notebook and Mands a Patchwork and Stitching mag. Thankyou so much girls the mag is great as it has the rest of a pattern I like from another issue.The notebook is exactly what I need to keep my ideas together instead on a bunch of old envelopes. The butons will work well for an outfit I'm putting together for Jazynthe and the bugs prints are just what I need for my future project of a single quilt for Jazynthe.

Some cute and lovely cards I also recieved.


AJ said...

Glad you like it Xena...thought of you when I saw the fabric and thought the buttons would make a cute outfit together!

PS Happy Birthday!

Cascade Lily said...

Happy birthday Xena. Glad you like your fabric :)

Did you see on my blog I used some of the FQ you sent me?